I’ve talked about my desire for this space to become a safe community where hard issues are discussed, where sensitive issues are given air time, where real relationships are formed, and where world views are expanded.

I genuinely believe that authentic relationships can be cultivated online. I know couples who have met online and gone on to have fantastically healthy relationships and marriages. I know friends who have met online who continue to be each others’ #1 support, despite the thousand miles between them. I know families that are separated by land and sea who manage to stay close thanks to the internet.

At the very, very least, I believe that online community is far, far better than no community. And there are times in life when online community may be the only option.

I’m a mom who works from home while caring for three kids aged 7, 5, and 11 months. These days, it’s really hard to get out of the house to create community. I cannot meet all of my responsibilities and simultaneously host or participate in daily community building activities (play dates, book clubs, mom groups, etc…). But I greatly desire the opportunity to interact with others on a regular basis and even find a few people who might just understand what it’s like to participate in a conference call at 11:00 and endure an episode of Power Rangers at noon.

That’s where the (in)courage Community Groups come in. These online groups of women are created to provide an opportunity for women who are in need of community to find a space where they can be encouraged, find support, and invest in others . There are groups that are geared to all sorts of women in all sorts of situations.

This season, I’ll be co-leading a group for moms who are working from home. I’m excited to be partnered with Becky, from Time-Out with Becky. We’ve named our group Ampersand, and you can register for the group by visiting our group page. If you’d like to join an (in)courager Group but feel like Ampersand isn’t your cup of tea, I highly encourage you to browse through the full list of offerings! There are over 70 groups, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of these women over the past couple of weeks as we’ve prepared for this time. I think you’ll be greatly encouraged by your participation.

So, go ahead, pop over to the (in)courage Community Groups section and dive in!

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